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Secret of kissing

Secret of kissing
1,Kiss once, will consume at least 12 calories of heat in the body. The scientist points out, so long as kiss for 3 times every day, lasts 20 seconds each time, there is weight-reducing efficiency.
2,Kiss frequent person, average life span than common people long 5 year at least, get stomach trouble and blood disease have relatively less chances even.
3,It is in kiss it treat hiccup not only effective method very.
4,While kissing, 12 groups of lip muscle and 17 groups of tongues muscle will be tense in shape, promote the blood circulation, help to prevent wrinkles, make the skin smoother, there are cosmetic results, win over the beauty parlor.
5,At the time of the passion of kissing, because of stimulating the safe hormone of interior coffee secreted strongly(sex hormone in the human body, the man exceeds women far) ,It is equivalent to a result of a scene of analgesic. And the saliva produced while kissing, will produce antibiotic automatically, there is intoxicated result of spirit, it is worried and sad to let people forget.
6,Can stimulate and secrete a large amount of Epinephrine to kiss, make us happy. If kiss 3 at least every day, can living among happiness in all day.
7,Kissing can let the saliva of both sides exchange, moisture, bacterium, natural salt and protein in the saliva originally,etc., once add others' saliva, some microorganism will produce different responses, thus stimulate the personal immune system to produce the particular antibody, strengthen immunity.
8,Kissing can prevent cortical hormone from taking shape, reduce and suffer from hypertension, high cholesterol, probability of the amyotrophy and insomnia.
9,Kiss a large amount of saliva that secrete time, contain the calcium and phosphorus quality, can prevent from dental caries effectively, and the sour alkalinity of the saliva is neutral, also help to prevent tooth disease such as periodontitis,etc..
10,More than 90% of the women will close eyes while kissing, 75% of the men will open eyes to stare at.
11,Kiss for number of times and time, vary with each individual, but all give somebody and make the intoxicated feeling joyful.
12,While kissing, both sides used to it labour contractor's inclined to the righting. 

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