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Mood in rainy season

Mood in rainy season
It has fragile side too that people are strong, it is strong and hospitable that perhaps behave under the sunshine, but passivism of fragility displayed perhaps in rainy season, not totally so certainly either! This theory is only a personal view, groundless, but can't deny a lot of people's mood will be influenced by weather, should can say the weather can influence the mood!
Like weather ticktack always rainy season, rainy mood fragility of even can ng of people, will be sentimental, will miss the people with one's own bottom of heart, will be more and more low; However, the rain seems suitable for the poet's creation, scene in the rain has a special style, the patter of rain is either cheerful or soft, the scenery in the rain is like the painting, dim, can't deny its beautiful side! Let alone obliterate its side with emotion! It likes to be because selfish actually in rainy season, because rainy day bring to work and life go out inconvenient; Do not like rainy season, it is not the romance of liking it; Like rainy season, nestle and is led along by handing dislike drizzle to be dim and dim; Do not like rainy season, is not controlled by people's mood in rainy season, let people's mood infected by it instead! In fact, like, because people have lazy psychology in rainy season, rain, let people trigger bright memory, easy to see literature at sofa hope rainy day, keep a diary, listen to beautiful melody, forget the work, very satisfied! But the work can't have no sense of responsibility. Did not like the rainy day to like the rain originally, but because lacked the ability of automatic control oneself! Oneself unable to regulate mood is can influenced by climate in rainy day! It seems oneself is not ripe enough    meshowfashion
It of patter, it rains, the season when is suitable for, the mood that suitable for, the glamour of sending out you heartily, thorough   Want to take a walk in the rain with you, is propping up red umbrella, mere feet are thorough equally!  

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