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I am Virgo

I am Virgo
Say the different class of Virgo, double personality, even have a little nervousness, in fact there is one reason, everything of Virgo should rotate with apparent personality outside oneself, call it " the state " tentatively . In Virgo state fine, can oneself talent, exquisiteness, ability, tender feeling, humour, have intension,etc. fine quality totally other exhibition, they seem perfect at this moment, radiate brilliant light, and can behave very export-orientedly, talkatively, it is easy to become one with people '  This is not originally their personality)  . And once Virgo is in bad condition, will become another person, even very good-for-nothing, accomplish nothing, but usually they all avoid the external interference at this moment, so let people feel that there is intermittent self-closing disease) Because with defend for Mercury, so virgin as double sons apt to change, double son the attention in a apt to change one, the virgin apt to change is the mood.
Virgo want, face a lot of real trival matters frequently, Virgo at this moment have when being cold in the face of the world around: Or it is very unatural to speak and do things, there are artificial traces; Or extremely cold and detached and passive, ignore to everyone. In fact one's own look like this that Virgo is very clear, but they are unable to change and control one's own mood, can only choose to escape everything crazily.
What they thought is: Instead of facing you very unaturally, say some words irrelevantly to you awkwardly, or because until contrast too heavy to say, fail to act and think in the same way at ordinary times, the personality is unusual, it would be better to hide a moment first, wait for and regulate coming out well. So, in associating with people, they will only be with the person (really hide from) having to exchange Or totally strange people '  Anyway not matter)  Talk, but and the friend knowing well it drifts apart instead.
So. The heavier your position in his mind is, he hides so that you are the farther. Especially the lover.
So please remember, Virgo is cold to you sometimes, it is not you that do anything wrong wrongly definitely, this they normal physiological phenomenon, they want, let severe cold and moral integrity injure you (can these kind of method injure in fact) just . Needn't be sad, because they mind your words, their heart will be sadder and feeling guilty and guilty than yours! They can do, only hope to adjust good mood as soon as possible, come back to your side.
Because of two the above-mentioned points, Virgo will demonstrate very different behavior and thoughtcast sometimes. Personality of them a lot of source herein too: Like, voluntarily, good at communication ' can hospitable too, hot in today just can cold some day) ,Like, behave, like, show up (in case which day mood unable grasp in bad condition, do not quite lose face)  ,Like that.
About " clean addiction " --It is not the virgin that all have a clean addiction, a lot of Virgo does not like cleanliness, but require neatly, they are in good order, do not like others to destroy " perfect " that they sort out and assign Pattern. More spiritual clean addictions of Virgo. Once touch and touch their spiritual forbidden zone, will display hysteria when being serious.
About " fickle in love " --Get on very well Virgo to be never fickle in love generally, loyalty is their pronoun. Sometimes with the woman is ambiguous it will be probably them to need to confirm a popularity and oneself are charming, to strike back those general views. Once find the true love in the heart, he will take good care of you all one's life, so long as you can give him sense of safety, he will never betray, only you alone in the eyes in the heart. Go round singsong houses, these and they unfaithful to her husband are insulating (result from sense of duty, second, afraid of the trouble)  .
About " clever " --It is flexible and adroit not to like a pair of something small and hard, it is outstanding not to like the intention of the water bottle, it is not scorpio that kind is planned carefully, what Virgo reflected more is intelligence. Learn to add first-class insight and the strongest logic thinking ability in 12 constellations finely and smoothly, rationally, easily, Virgo wants to be non- clever and difficult. It's nothing, little to talk irresponsibly in front of Virgo, lie at will, much false yarn they can see through at one glance; Not playing with any scheming with them either, you can not play with them. Virgin whether that kind can sell for you you must to type that him express one's gratitude. It's nothing, too little to argue with Virgo, they cut, can also find out, pay attention to, find out more than one proper arrangement come. The virgin will never suffer a loss.
About " simple " --Virgo is very pure, but never simple, their heart is so complicated as to make people difficult to imagine, a lot of careless things may be all fixed up meticulously by them. Virgo in pure to become reconciled color wander up and down, this is most difficult to make it clear always too. But it is extremely kindhearted that their real heart is,
Oneself would rather be bitter and unwilling to injure anyone too, soul is as sparkling and crystal-clear as crystal.
About " humour " --Say Virgo is cold as ice and frost, lack the humour. Keep in touch with them more, you will realize what is the cold humour, what is the real humour, and does not sample vulgar making laughs.
About " obtuse " --Although they do not just realize until half a day when you and Virgo talk about some propositions, in a moment, they might turn over five six you the consequence (passive consequence usually) that proposition will lead to the fact already in the brain in whom you agree . They always think too much, absolutely not think too slowly.
About " selfish " --Selfishness of Virgo it feels to be that kind of lion extremely conceited, no regarding oneself as the centre of water bottle even. Because Virgo just because it is unselfish, seem selfish. (Understand, OK? )Because the virgin does not want to injure anyone.
About " escape " --Because of the factor on Virgo personality, the pressure is very large that they will usually seem. When the things of the surrounding area have been already unable to control, or one's own mood is unable to regulate well, they will escape crazily, degenerate oneself, this kind of state is usually harmless to others, but injure oneself, let all love the people of theirs to feel heart-broken. But needn't be too anxious, they can do by myself well later, the self-criticism spirit of their natural instincts will work soon. Virgo will seldom be degenerated completely, may have already allowed some leeway before degenerating, arrival that is just waiting to hope. Even degenerate and all show others sometimes.
About " intension " --This is definite that Virgo knows how to exercise self-control. Draw the lesson in growing up constantly, is studying constantly, suck a person's brains abundant one's own intension. Because they feel the unable assurance of mood, these can be accomplished steady and surely oneself, will certainly be helpful in the future. This is a perfect doctrine goal that they pursue.
Virgo one surface mysterious to get difficult to ponder reveal but simple constellation very. Most close to the person of the god? Perhaps, Virgo likes like this
To brag about oneself. Because they really have extraordinary and refined side. Their heart is close to the god, is in this world, can't be above the material attractions of the world, so must wear a mask and live in this world.
Virgo likes saying some ambiguous words to people, but the target to the heart appearance is too shy to explain.
Virgo hopes others understand oneself, but that part that can be announced only is shown to the outside.
Virgo is responsible individual the most, can fear to bear frequently 

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Secret of kissing

Secret of kissing
1,Kiss once, will consume at least 12 calories of heat in the body. The scientist points out, so long as kiss for 3 times every day, lasts 20 seconds each time, there is weight-reducing efficiency.
2,Kiss frequent person, average life span than common people long 5 year at least, get stomach trouble and blood disease have relatively less chances even.
3,It is in kiss it treat hiccup not only effective method very.
4,While kissing, 12 groups of lip muscle and 17 groups of tongues muscle will be tense in shape, promote the blood circulation, help to prevent wrinkles, make the skin smoother, there are cosmetic results, win over the beauty parlor.
5,At the time of the passion of kissing, because of stimulating the safe hormone of interior coffee secreted strongly(sex hormone in the human body, the man exceeds women far) ,It is equivalent to a result of a scene of analgesic. And the saliva produced while kissing, will produce antibiotic automatically, there is intoxicated result of spirit, it is worried and sad to let people forget.
6,Can stimulate and secrete a large amount of Epinephrine to kiss, make us happy. If kiss 3 at least every day, can living among happiness in all day.
7,Kissing can let the saliva of both sides exchange, moisture, bacterium, natural salt and protein in the saliva originally,etc., once add others' saliva, some microorganism will produce different responses, thus stimulate the personal immune system to produce the particular antibody, strengthen immunity.
8,Kissing can prevent cortical hormone from taking shape, reduce and suffer from hypertension, high cholesterol, probability of the amyotrophy and insomnia.
9,Kiss a large amount of saliva that secrete time, contain the calcium and phosphorus quality, can prevent from dental caries effectively, and the sour alkalinity of the saliva is neutral, also help to prevent tooth disease such as periodontitis,etc..
10,More than 90% of the women will close eyes while kissing, 75% of the men will open eyes to stare at.
11,Kiss for number of times and time, vary with each individual, but all give somebody and make the intoxicated feeling joyful.
12,While kissing, both sides used to it labour contractor's inclined to the righting. 

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Enjoy the beauty of the illusion

Enjoy the beauty of the illusion
Make with one old friend one lay telephone for a long time aside, listen to the other side do astringent to it gets to be really cheerful laugh, have known and done correctly by oneself. Telephone is available to lie, people become unprincipled, seem to stroll on the sea and sky are boundless. That feeling is really good, it is believed that the other side's today's appetite will be activated too. Exaggerative humour, both sides are all willing to hide false mood as being really like. Then everything becomes so natural.

I know, one's own a lot of words are sending " the illusion " for the other side ,The other side should give me an illusion with feedbacking unconsciously too. During those several ten minutes, we are all very happy.

Watched a Taiwan modern drama not long ago, specially funny. The person moulding one all one's life and taking pleasure in disguising oneself as others inside, use legal definition, this kind of people calls the cheat. This one in the drama "  Cheat " The feeling for somebody, he is not deceived in order to obtain material benefits, but because like such a feeling. As he himself 's saying exactly: " I am a performer, I like acting others " . Then he says again: " all performers are neuropathy "  . Words this why listen to a little meaning that job discriminated against, can think better of and does not think what he spoke can go wrong either. One fine performer will certainly have kind perform who who 's talent it is alike, and the talent come to speak at the a certain meaning, must possess the ability to split one's own spirit. Do not a lot of neuropathy possess the characteristic of the schizophrenia? But the performer's division spirit has essential difference a bit with the schizophrenia of neuropathy, it can accepted back that that is got out by the performer, but neuropathy can't.

Seem according to the meaning above, undoubtedly had very much many people have possessed this performer -like kind of ability. Like a lot of artists, various active " stars " on the media ,I'm afraid even US President's Palestinian horse is among them.

What I want to discuss today is that the topic above has followed nearly "  The illusion " ,Have to turn around.

In fact, fall into " the illusion " A person all one's life unavoidable thing, analyse in details in being thin, we nearly can enter the illusion of all kinds every day. Think one's own stock will rise, think it takes to oneself rises, thinks and fall ill to wait a moment in one's own officer's location, in a word, no matter front negative, every you like, believe and think about impossibility afraid in among them carefully. These " illusions " Too like talk about neuropathy like the performer's difference, can pass in and out, belong to normal with health easily in illusion above, if can't there is suspicion of the spiritual morbid state. meshowfashion

For example, such situations of people of leaving in the middle reach of the love are especially obvious. Remember before many years well, a brothers came to like a girl, drew a gang of friends of ours to cheer, invite that girl to go out to travel. Because I looked relative at that time "  Green environmental protection "  At one o'clock, then the arduous task of doing girl's work fell on the shoulders of me. Receive the friend's support, too positively because friend's appearance with urgent feeling let people have the sad and pityful heart suddenly, pitch into the work hurriedly. Not bad, the girl showed due respect for one's feelings very much, had not talked about three sentences and unexpectedly promise. Then, seven or eight red men of delegation have set out on a journey kicking two mao in green woman pocket. The train, tricycle add and travel, unexpectedly has played with two mao of a circle to still wrap up.

The question runs, talk about that brothers of mine, spend protecting delicately and touchingly on the way, no a few words unexpectedly of the person that can talk about very at ordinary times. The rest of us look at the edge, first, worry for him, second, lose face at will. Angry people in ground especially, he can silently getting happy to tell us girl that how cast a look at him how until what meaningful what he say often also.

Talk nonsense, those that he speak related at all with meaning that him feel at all in the eyes in us.

At this moment, I want to say to him, brothers, your trouble, then call the wishful illusion, a lot of people have been gripped by it.

There can not be methods, he is willing.

As expected, the development for the future, in conformity with my judgement at that time. That travel, the girl is because another person of us leaves.

For a long time, we did not dare to point out, his state at that time, or can not bear, or will do the battle with us.

Later, he knew at long last. But a strange one is, for some time, he does not admit, his new development that boast with us as before. We watch with the tail of one's eye, is at a disturbance of the heart in the chest of chest. Finally develop, so long as he opens one's mouth and speaks this, we set up horses and make bird's sparrow and come loose.

At that time, all of us disdained him a bit.

If the thing is writing with this one too richly and gently to have much meaning today like this. The problem is later, we these separate mountain view bird people of bird one go through, pass similar situation one after another unexpectedly. Fortunately he has carried the thunder front, there is all fast and many pace that we leave from the illusion. Many years later, old friend meets again in once, everybody takes this and laughs at him. Have never expected he is not angry at all, say: I was not unable to free oneself from the illusion at that time, but because I liked that kind of feeling of sauntering in the illusion. Think it very beautiful, enjoy the beauty of that toy very much!

He says, everybody is quiet in this way. Think about it carefully, really. Filled with deep respect to him at one time.

Since then, I have learnt to realize the beauty of the illusion like he too. Have come to understand gradually, though the illusion is unable to change future, you can enjoy very much at that time. Then to some people being calm having loud interesting very joyfully, will often look, and while listening to the person who disdains the party talking about endlessly, smile knowingly.

Say in the heart silently: The son is not how the fish know the fish are happy! 
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Mood in rainy season

Mood in rainy season
It has fragile side too that people are strong, it is strong and hospitable that perhaps behave under the sunshine, but passivism of fragility displayed perhaps in rainy season, not totally so certainly either! This theory is only a personal view, groundless, but can't deny a lot of people's mood will be influenced by weather, should can say the weather can influence the mood!
Like weather ticktack always rainy season, rainy mood fragility of even can ng of people, will be sentimental, will miss the people with one's own bottom of heart, will be more and more low; However, the rain seems suitable for the poet's creation, scene in the rain has a special style, the patter of rain is either cheerful or soft, the scenery in the rain is like the painting, dim, can't deny its beautiful side! Let alone obliterate its side with emotion! It likes to be because selfish actually in rainy season, because rainy day bring to work and life go out inconvenient; Do not like rainy season, it is not the romance of liking it; Like rainy season, nestle and is led along by handing dislike drizzle to be dim and dim; Do not like rainy season, is not controlled by people's mood in rainy season, let people's mood infected by it instead! In fact, like, because people have lazy psychology in rainy season, rain, let people trigger bright memory, easy to see literature at sofa hope rainy day, keep a diary, listen to beautiful melody, forget the work, very satisfied! But the work can't have no sense of responsibility. Did not like the rainy day to like the rain originally, but because lacked the ability of automatic control oneself! Oneself unable to regulate mood is can influenced by climate in rainy day! It seems oneself is not ripe enough    meshowfashion
It of patter, it rains, the season when is suitable for, the mood that suitable for, the glamour of sending out you heartily, thorough   Want to take a walk in the rain with you, is propping up red umbrella, mere feet are thorough equally!  

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